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Creations by Jenni_fer

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Welcome to creations by jenni_fer!

Maker/Mod/Creator: I am Jennifer, and I'm 19 years old. See my journal for any references you need about me, or ask me via email and aim. My personal journal is Friends Only. My favorite color is pink, and I love the red sox, and patriots. I'm not a perfect maker, but I try;)

Mod:unleashed_dorkI'm Jen, 19 years old and deaf. If you want to know more about me, check out my journal. I'm available via e-mail and aim which is shown in my information. I do some animated icons and collages but I'm still a learner. As you can see, my personal journal is friends only, but feel free to add me. :-)

Thank you for joining, here are the
[ Basic Rules ]
+Please let me know exactly what you want. If you have certain pictures you want to use, fonts colors or if you have an example, please post it.
+I do not duplicate! If you have an example of a background you would like to use, I will try to make it look somewhat like it, but not exactly. That's not what I'm for, they are all originals!
+Once you pick up the background I made you, please let me know so that I can take it off my server
+Please do not request more than 1 background a week, if your friends want backgrounds - let them join. I do not want to make backgrounds for your friends.
+ I will try my best to finish the background the day you request it, but definitely within the week
+Layout: I will need your password. I can be trusted, and since there are many people whose backgrounds I've done, I assume that they can all let you know that I can be trusted. If you do not trust me, however, you can change your password and then change it back when I finish.
+Layout: I need details, please. Let me know if you want filters, cursors changed, anything..
+Layout: If you already have a background I can just add it to your layout for you.
+Layout: Please give me your e-mail
+Icons: Please be as specific as possible. I need to know the size ( not to exceed 100x100 ), the colors, etc..
+Let me know when you've picked up anything, with a comment. Please and thank you :)

[ Optional Request Form: ]
Background / Icon / Header / Banner:
Text Color:
Background color:
Would you like me to be creative?:

If you have any other questions, please contact me via e-mail [ jenni.darling@gmail.com ] or on aim. Thank you!

Please put this on your infopage as well :)